Frequent Assumptions About Personal Injury Cases

While injury lawsuits can be among the more common types of legal proceedings, this does not mean that people have an accurate understanding of what they should expect from the process. Here are a few debunked myths about handling your personal injury case. Myth: An Injury Lawsuit Will Always Result In Years Of Legal Proceedings A person may want to avoid the prospects of having years of legal proceedings as part of their case. [Read More]

Probate And Small Estates: What To Know

When someone passes away, probate is almost always inevitable. This legal process has been around in one form or the other since ancient times, and it has an important place in estate planning. In some cases, probate might be optional or shortened considerably. Read on to learn more about probate and the so-called small estate. Why Does Probate Exist? If you've done any research about estate planning, you will have come across the concept of skipping probate. [Read More]

Seek Mediation Support Over A Pet Ownership Dispute

You and your spouse may have both formed a lasting bond with the two dogs that you share, and now that the two of you are determined to go through with divorce proceedings, the family pets may be at risk of being taken away from you. If your spouse is determined to keep the dogs with him and you are arguing frequently about the unjust expectation that your former partner has, a divorce mediation session may provide you with some relief. [Read More]

How To Make Decisions After Incapacitation With A Power Of Attorney

At any point in your life, you might want to decide what will happen to your affairs if you are not able to manage them yourself. For example, you might become injured or incapacitated in some way and may need someone to make decisions on your behalf. You should speak with an estate planning attorney about granting a power of attorney. Who Should Be Granted a Power of Attorney? You may want a spouse, parent, child, or even a close friend to have the power of attorney. [Read More]