How Much Money Can You Expect From Your Car Accident?

When you get into an accident caused by someone else, that person's insurance company should pay for the property damage to your vehicle and any physical damage you experienced as a result of the accident. When the insurance company offers you a settlement, you may feel that it doesn't quite cover the damage you experienced. However, most people don't know what to expect in terms of compensation. Is the settlement offer from the insurance company more appropriate than you thought, or are they undervaluing your experience? [Read More]

3 Mistakes Your Attorney Can Challenge If Made By The Law Enforcers When Arresting You For A Crime

Many criminal charges attract severe penalties for suspects who get a conviction. This underscores the importance of getting legal help if law enforcers arrest you. Once you hire a lawyer for your case, they will work to obtain evidence to prove your defense and possibly have your charges reduced. Your criminal defense lawyer can also challenge the following errors the police may have made while arresting you. This might convince the judge to throw out your case or hand down a more lenient punishment. [Read More]

DUI: What Is It And How Can A DUI Attorney Help You?

When you are under the influence, you may not be able to see straight or clearly, your thoughts may be foggy and distracted, and your reaction time will be slowed. Because of this, if you are driving under the influence, your chances of getting into a car accident increase greatly. This is dangerous not only for you as the driver, but for everyone else on the road as well. If you get caught, you will be issued a DUI. [Read More]

4 Reasons To Seek Estate Attorney When Drafting Wills

When it comes to drafting a will, the importance of seeking the advice of an experienced estate attorney cannot be underestimated. There are many legal procedures, tax implications, and financial considerations that must be taken into account, and without proper guidance from an experienced professional, potential beneficiaries might not receive what they were rightfully entitled to. Here are 4 reasons why you should seek an estate attorney when drafting wills. [Read More]