Real Estate Property Tax Mistakes to Avoid

It's easy to make mistakes with real estate taxes. When these mistakes happen, you may find yourself not receiving certain tax refunds and you may even find yourself in trouble with the IRS. Here are some mistakes to avoid and what to do instead.  Not Filing a Return If you earn below a certain amount in a particular year, you may not be required to file a tax return. However, you should file a tax return anyway because you might be eligible for a refundable credit. [Read More]

Credit Card Debt After Your Ex Files Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is complicated, and so is the dissolution of a marriage. If you have gone through a divorce only to have your ex-spouse quickly file for bankruptcy afterward, you might wonder if you are impacted. After all, you may have already decided how to divide debt in family court, leading to some sticky situations. So, can creditors come after you even if you've divorced? Should you also file Chapter 7 bankruptcy? [Read More]

Dental Malpractice And Tooth Extractions

Regular visits to the dentist are part of many people's healthcare routine. You trust your oral health to your general dentist, and you expect him or her to provide the care needed to maintain that oral health over time. Unfortunately, some patients become victims of dental malpractice. Tooth extractions can open the door for many situations where dental malpractice can occur. It helps to understand these situations so that you will know when to seek the help of an experienced dental malpractice attorney. [Read More]

Protections That Worker's Compensation Claimants Can Enjoy

A worker that has suffered a serious injury while they are at work may be able to seek compensation by filing a worker's compensation claim. By pursuing one of these claims, there are several benefits and types of protection that injured workers will be able to enjoy. Not surprisingly, filing one of these claims is not something that many employees will have given much thought, and this can lead to them failing to appreciate the value of this option. [Read More]