Defenses That A Trucker Can Use After Getting A Ticket For Using An Engine Brake

Commercial truckers don't solely rely on their wheel brakes to slow their big rigs down. These heavy-duty vehicles are also equipped with engine brakes, which can be valuable for reducing speed. The unfortunate by-product of using an engine brake is a considerable amount of noise, which is why many jurisdictions prevent its use in certain areas and between certain hours. If you're a truck driver who has recently received a traffic ticket for using your engine brake in a prohibited zone, you may want to hire a traffic attorney to fight this charge. [Read More]

Sexually Harassed at Work? 3 Steps to Take

When you go to work, you expect it to be a safe place. However, sometimes people face things like sexual harassment. If you were recently sexually harassed at your office--whether verbally or physically--you may feel violated and devastated. To make sure that you are taken care of and that you are represented fairly at the workplace, there are three specific steps that you should take. Are you interested in learning more about what steps you need to take? [Read More]

Unemployed? Answers To Your Child Support Questions

When it comes to paying child support, it is the family courts that will decide the amount that you pay as a parent. One question that many parents often have is what happens if they lose their job and cannot pay the child support that they are financially obligated by the court to pay. Keep reading to learn the answer to this question as well as other answers to questions regarding child support payments associated with unemployment. [Read More]