Why You Might Be Able To Be Bailed Out A Second Time

After you have been bailed out of jail, you are required to show up to court, and not doing so is referred to as a "failure to appear." If you fail to appear, a bench warrant might be issued for your arrest and you might forfeit the bail amount. However, you might be able to obtain a "failure to appear" bail bond.

How a Failure to Appear Bail Bond Works

A failure to appear bail bond is different because you have already gone through the process of obtaining a bail bond. In many cases, failure to appear in court can lead to you losing your ability to bail yourself out of prison in the future, but there are some exceptions. 

Situations Where the Judge May Offer a Second Chance

If there is evidence that you were doing good deeds or helping out the community, this can be used as a reason to reduce your sentence. For example, if you have volunteered time for a charity in the past, this might affect whether the judge will allow you to post bail a second time.

The seriousness of your original charge can also play a role in whether you are allowed to post bail again. Also, if there was a justified reason for why you couldn't attend court, you may be able to post bail again.

How to be Bailed Out a Second Time

When you are looking to bail yourself out of jail, you will need help from a cosigner who will choose a bail bond service that offers bail bonds for those who have failed to appear in court in the past. Once you contact the bail bond service, they will guide you through the process of using their service. You will need to fill several forms out. This includes a form where you will be able to add a co-signer. The co-signer will be held liable if you do not show up in court.

All of the paperwork must be verified. After this has been done, the paperwork will then need to be brought to court. Then, you will be bailed out of jail again. This process might take time but you will eventually be released before your court date. You will then want to make sure that you attend your court date because you will be even less likely to be able to make bail if you do not show up to court again.