The Most Common Injury-Causing Construction Site Accidents

Construction workers commonly are self-employed on a contract basis instead of being employed by a company. That means they do not qualify for workers' compensation if injured on the job. This is a particular problem for people in the industry because the accident rate is high compared with most other occupations. The individual may need to hire a personal injury lawyer to obtain financial compensation.

A personal injury attorney knows the kinds of accidents that are most common on construction sites.

Vehicle Incidents

One reason many construction sites are hazardous is the presence of heavy equipment and trucks. Injury lawyers represent workers who were hit by this equipment. A person operating a heavy equipment shovel might not see someone standing nearby. Drivers who are backing up also may not notice a worker behind the vehicle.

Trench and Excavation Accidents

The earth sometimes collapses on workers in deep trenches or other excavated areas. The cascading dirt can carry tools and machinery that strike and cause serious injuries. The falling soil can crush and suffocate a worker. Now, the family of this person may want to consult an injury attorney about a possible wrongful death lawsuit.

Falling and Being Hit by Falling Objects

These are the most frequent injury-causing incidents on construction sites. Someone who falls from a scaffold, crane, ladder, or roof is vulnerable to bone fractures and head injuries. Cranes and scaffolds occasionally collapse. These injuries also are a significant risk for anyone struck by tools or building materials falling from above.

Every year, many construction workers suffer skull fractures and traumatic brain injuries, including severe concussions. Workers experience broken legs, arms, and vertebrae. A back or neck injury could cause ongoing chronic pain or, worse, paralysis. 


Construction accidents can result in expensive medical bills. The person's health insurance might not cover all the costs. Contract workers often must buy their own health insurance, and they may choose a high deductible to keep the premiums lower. In addition, as long as the person cannot work, income is lost.

Scheduling an Appointment

Injury lawyers know that construction companies sometimes are lax about requiring the use of critical safety gear. In some cases, the company does not even provide this equipment. Supervisors may not thoroughly train workers in proper safety procedures. An individual who was seriously injured in a construction accident and is ineligible for workers' compensation may contact an injury lawyer for a free consultation. For more information, contact a personal injury lawyer.