Frequent Assumptions About Personal Injury Cases

While injury lawsuits can be among the more common types of legal proceedings, this does not mean that people have an accurate understanding of what they should expect from the process. Here are a few debunked myths about handling your personal injury case.

Myth: An Injury Lawsuit Will Always Result In Years Of Legal Proceedings

A person may want to avoid the prospects of having years of legal proceedings as part of their case. However, it is fairly rare for cases to last this long as the majority of these cases may be resolved with a negotiated agreement. Furthermore, the court system will be able to process the majority of these cases within a year. This can allow those that have been wronged in personal injury accidents to pursue their case while minimizing the prospects of being involved in an unnecessarily lengthy proceeding.

Myth: Hiring An Injury Attorney Will Be A Financial Burden

The process of navigating an injury lawsuit can be extremely challenging, and individuals will want to have representation to assist them. Luckily, there are injury attorneys that can provide this type of assistance to accident victims. However, victims may assume that they will face a financial burden to pay for these services. In reality, the victim will be unlikely to need to pay the attorney until the case is resolved in their favor. This is because most injury attorneys will charge based on a percentage of the settlement or verdict that they win for their client rather than an hourly rate.

Myth: It Is Always Best To Pursue A Full Trial To Maximize Your Award

When a person decides to pursue an injury lawsuit against the party responsible for their damages, they may envision that this will always involve going through a full trial to get the most compensation for their losses. Yet, this is actually not the case due to the potential volatility that it can bring. This can be because you will have little control over the sympathies of the jury or the judge that will oversee the case. As a result of these potential issues, many individuals will prefer to agree to a negotiated settlement. This can reduce the risk of receiving little or no compensation as a result of the trial while still giving you a chance to maximize the compensation that you will receive. 

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