Questions to Ask a Divorce Attorney Before Deciding to File or Not

The divorce process takes time and money and will eventually lead to a dissolution of your marriage. Before you rush to get the process started, you should take enough time to think through this decision. It is a big decision to make that will impact a lot of things in your life, so it is not something to hurry into. One way to analyze the situation before you file is by meeting with a divorce attorney. When you attend this meeting, you should have questions prepared to ask him or her.

Here are some of the questions to ask your divorce attorney.

How Much Will It Cost?

It is always wise to find out the costs of a legal event before hiring a lawyer. You need to know this to plan for it. It is also a good question to ask because you can learn more about how the fee structure works and whether your spouse would be responsible for paying some of your legal fees.

How Long Will It Take?

You should find how long it will take to get the divorce finalized through the court. Your lawyer may have difficulty answering this as many factors that affect it, but he or she can give you an estimate.

What Will Happen to the House and Other Assets?

An essential thing to ask about is your home. Who will get the house? How do courts decide who gets to keep it? You may also want to inquire about how you will split the proceeds if you decide to sell it, or how one spouse will buy the other out. If you have additional assets, bring a list with you and discuss them with the lawyer. You will want to find out what to expect if you follow through with the divorce, so make sure you ask.

Who Will Get Custody of the Kids?

When a couple has children, they often want to know who will obtain custody rights. Many factors affect this decision, too. Generally, though, courts give custody rights to the parent that will supply the best care and home environment for the kids.

If you have any complicated issues with your marriage that do not fall within these questions, add the appropriate questions to your list. Finding out the answers to questions like these can help you make an informed decision about divorce.

You can schedule an appointment by contacting a divorce lawyer from a law firm of your choice.