Getting Help From A Special Education Lawyer

Certain health problems can pose a major problem when it comes to a child receiving an education. Whether it is a physical or me tap disability, a child can face ridicule from his or her classmates, as well as not be able to keep up with the pace of a regular curriculum. There are usually special education classes available in public schools that are intended to accommodate students with learning issues. If your child was wrongfully turned down as being eligible for a special education, it is time to speak to an lawyer. Browse the content below to find how a special education lawyer can assist with your dispute.

Demand Another IEP Meeting

If you already attended an individualized education program (IEP) meeting with the school and it didn't turn out in your child's favor, a lawyer can request another meeting. Be or she can also assess everything that was involved with the last meeting, such as documents with details of why your child wasn't approved for a special education. The lawyer will actually attend the next meeting as your legal representative, which can have a positive impact on the results. He or she can explain to the school district why your child was wrongfully denied a special education. A lawyer can attend numerous IEP meetings until the dispute has been dissolved.

Prove the Special Needs of Your Child

No matter how many IEP meetings are attended by you and your lawyer, the results will not likely be in your child's favor without adequate proof. A lawyer will not even attempt setting up another meeting until he or she has gathered evidence of your child's disability. For instance, if your child can't concentrate in the classroom because he or she has a short attention span, the lawyer might gather documentation that attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is the cause. It might be recommended that your child undergoes a few evaluations or physical examinations before the next meeting is requested. Your lawyer will gather evidence that is too solid for the school district to deny.

Take Further Legal Action if Necessary

If after hiring a lawyer and attending additional IEP meetings doesn't change the decision of the school district in regards to your child's special needs, further legal action can be taken. You can sue the school district on behalf of your child, as well as get the approval from a judge for your child to receive a special education. A lawyer might even decide to take further legal action without scheduling meetings with the school, such as if he or she believes your initial meeting involved a lot of discrimination.