Taking Legal Action To Get SSI Benefits

Social Security Insurance (SSI) benefits are something that many people can rely on when they fall into a situation that limits their ability to make money. As long as certain requirements are met, the Social Security Administration (SSA) is obligated to approve applicants without prejudice. However, it isn't uncommon for applicants to get wrongfully denied benefits when they are qualified. 

If your application was denied and you feel qualified, allow a lawyer to assist with getting approved for benefits. Read the content below for knowledge about the services a lawyer can provide for your situation. 

Assess Why Your Application Was Denied

If you still have possession of your letter in regards to SSI benefits getting denied, prepare to hand it over to a lawyer. He or she will take a look at each reason why the SSA decided to deny your application. You should also get ready to answer personal questions, such as about your health, age, assets, and monthly income. 

You must let the lawyer know about the evidence you handed over to the SSA when your application was turned in. He or she will use the information to determine if you failed to provide the proper type of evidence.

Take Steps to Strengthen Your Evidence

Steps will be taken to ensure that the SSA is given a satisfactory amount of evidence to assess your situation. For example, if you have a vision problem that places you in the category of being legally blind, the lawyer might ask you to get examined by several optometrists. Having more than one professional opinion about any medical condition you might have. 

You might also need to provide multiple documents about your income, such as from an employer, or a notarized document signed by a witness to prove that you don't have an income. The evidence needed is based on your situation and why your application was denied.

Explain Why Your Application Should Be Approved

A lawyer will not only assist with correcting the mistakes on your application and turn it into the SSA, but can also explain why your application should be approved. The advantage that a lawyer offers is that he or she knows the laws about SSI benefits. When explaining your situation to the SSA, the lawyer will use legal terms, which can be helpful in getting an approval. Speak to a lawyer like Glen Cook Social Security Attorney about your SSI situation so he or she can begin sorting it out.