Prevent Work-Related Injuries: 4 Tips That Will Reduce On-The-Job Accidents

If you're in charge of managing a team of employees, you need to make sure that you maintain a safe work environment. Studies show that over 1 million work days were lost due to work-related injuries in 2014 alone. To promote work safety, and reduce the occurrence of on-the-job injuries, here are four safety procedures you should implement at the workplace.

Prohibit Shortcuts

It's natural for your employees to want to finish the job ahead of schedule. However, if your employees are taking shortcuts to get the job done quicker, they could be jeopardizing their health, as well as the health of their co-workers. Cutting corners could lead to safety violations that might result in catastrophic injuries. To promote safety, and prevent work-related injuries, be sure to discourage shortcuts.

Insist on Transit Safety

If your employees use any type of vehicles on-the-job, whether they're delivery trucks, tractors or forklifts, be sure to insist on transit safety. Your employees should inspect their equipment at the beginning of each shift. Problems should be taken care of immediately. In addition to the daily inspections, you should ensure that your company vehicles and motorized equipment is thoroughly inspected for safety issues at least once a month. The monthly inspections will ensure that safety concerns are addressed before they result in workplace injuries.

Require Proper Clothing

You might think that proper clothing only includes safety gear such as hardhats, goggles and work boots. However, even if your place of business doesn't require that type of gear, you still need to make sure that your employees wear proper clothing at all times. This includes ensuring that your employees dress for the weather conditions.

Employees that do not wear appropriate clothing for the temperatures – whether hot or cold – are in danger of suffering from weather-related illnesses and injuries. For instance, employees who work in the cold without appropriate clothing may suffer from hypothermia, which will require them to miss work, or suffer permanent injuries.

Conduct Safety Inspections

The workplace can be a dangerous location, especially if it's not properly cared for. To make sure that your employees are not working under conditions that could lead to on-the-job injuries. Pay close attention for conditions that could lead to slip and fall accidents or fires.

If you're responsible for employee safety, you need to be on the lookout for conditions that could lead to work-related injuries. The information provided above will help you identify procedures that will keep your employees safe. For more information, visit websites like