Think Before You Post: What You Put Online Can Lead To Jail Time

A lot of people think that their right to free speech is broader than it really is, and in this age of electronic messaging and personal expression through social media, it is very easy to get yourself into trouble through mere words. For that matter, it doesn't always take words to land you in court. Before you hit "post" on your favorite social media site, learn how a picture can be worth jail time. [Read More]

Filing For Bankruptcy? 4 Moves That May Jeopardize Your Case

Filing for bankruptcy may be the hardest decision you'll ever make. You've worked hard to get where you are in life. Unfortunately, unforeseen circumstances such as divorce, unemployment or life-threatening medical conditions can destroy your finances in a heartbeat. If you're faced with mounting debt and you've tried everything else –including debt consolidation and family assistance – bankruptcy may be your only option.  However, there are some things you can do that will jeopardize your chances of having your debts discharged. [Read More]

Leaving Your Spouse Because Of Adultery? Remember These Tips

If you are divorcing your spouse because he or she cheated on you, you might not know how to proceed. Dealing with the effects of adultery can be traumatizing, but there are a few important tips that you should remember. These things will help you ensure that your case goes well and that it goes in your favor as much as possible. Remember That Two Wrongs Don't Make a Right [Read More]

Moving To A Nursing Home? Here's How To Protect Your Money

Moving into a nursing home can be a tough decision, but it can be a good one if you are in need of care that your family just can't provide you with. However, you do have to protect yourself. For example, you probably do not want anyone at the nursing home to end up with control of your pension payments. Luckily, following a few tips can help prevent this. Give Someone You Trust Power of Attorney [Read More]