How To Revoke Your Will

When you write a will, you are not required to keep the will in place forever. If there comes a time where you feel like you've made a mistake and you no longer want the will in place, one option is to have it revoked. This might be necessary if you've decided that you'd like to add or remove someone from your will, but you can revoke the will for any other reason. [Read More]

Top Causes Of Head-On Collisions

Head-on collisions cause some of the worst injuries in auto accidents. Below are some of the common causes of head-on collisions. Distractions Distractions cause lots of accidents, and not just head-on collisions. For example, you can easily drift out of your lane and into oncoming traffic if you are using your phone while driving. You can also fail to notice a wrong-way driver in time if you are distracted, say by your child or food. [Read More]

4 Benefits Of Mediating Your Divorce

If your marriage is ending, you may be dealing with a lot of emotions. This can be a challenging time for any individual and the key to getting on with your life may rest in divorcing. It's essential to choose the best divorce type to meet your need to allow this process to end swiftly. However, choosing to mediate your divorce may be your best option. This will let you to sit down with your spouse and attorneys to make the best decisions for you both. [Read More]

What You Should Do Before Signing The Settlement Agreement For Your Car Accident

From the time you get into an accident until the time you reach a settlement agreement for your damages, a lot of time can pass by. In many cases, this takes months or even years, but eventually, you must reach an agreement. When you do, you will have to sign a settlement agreement, and here are three things you should do before signing it. Seek legal advice and assistance It is so important to seek legal advice and assistance during any type of car accident case, as it is hard to understand all your rights in a case if you have never gone through one before. [Read More]