What You Should Know About Long-Term Disability Benefits and Social Security

One thing workers can do to protect themselves against an accident or extended illness is to purchase long-term disability insurance that replaces their lost income. Long-term disability insurance might sound similar to Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI). SSDI and SSI are government insurance programs that provide income to individuals unable to work due to disability. The most notable difference between SSI and SSDI is that SSDI is only available to individuals who've accumulated sufficient work credits to receive benefits, and SSI is offered to individuals who satisfy a means test that examines their assets. [Read More]

Getting The Benefits You Deserve As An Injured Worker

Workers compensation law protects workers in the event they get hurt at work and can't return to their job right away. You are supposed to be able to get medical care and receive compensation while you are out that replaces your paycheck. For some workers, the initial workers compensation claim gets denied. The insurance company might deny by stating the paperwork wasn't filled out correctly, there are things missing, or the injuries are suspect. [Read More]

How To Revoke Your Will

When you write a will, you are not required to keep the will in place forever. If there comes a time where you feel like you've made a mistake and you no longer want the will in place, one option is to have it revoked. This might be necessary if you've decided that you'd like to add or remove someone from your will, but you can revoke the will for any other reason. [Read More]

Top Causes Of Head-On Collisions

Head-on collisions cause some of the worst injuries in auto accidents. Below are some of the common causes of head-on collisions. Distractions Distractions cause lots of accidents, and not just head-on collisions. For example, you can easily drift out of your lane and into oncoming traffic if you are using your phone while driving. You can also fail to notice a wrong-way driver in time if you are distracted, say by your child or food. [Read More]