Pointing The Finger Of Fault After A Car Accident

Almost as soon as the dust clears after an accident, the finger-pointing begins. The driver that caused the accident may be responsible for a host of damages owed to victims. Some drivers know they are at fault, but their opinion is only one piece of the puzzle. To learn more about pointing the finger of fault after a car accident, read on.

When Fault is Unclear

Some personal injury cases drag on for some time when it appears that both drivers could have caused the accident. However, fault is determined using several sources, and disputed fault issues are often resolved once the facts are ascertained. Fault, when the drivers cannot agree, is determined using the following evidence and investigation:

  1. Interviews with the drivers, passengers, and eyewitnesses at the scene by law enforcement who responded to the scene.
  2. The location of damage to each vehicle, where they ended up, skid marks, and evidence gathered at the scene.
  3. Cell phone video along with residential and business cameras aimed at the accident. Some intersections are covered by traffic cameras as well, which produces great evidence.
  4. Sometimes, the accident must be digitally recreated by a specialist.

Taking Action Against a Third Driver

In some cases, the real culprit is a third party and not necessarily the other driver. Determining who to approach for a settlement is not always straightforward. For instance, when more than two vehicles are involved, you might need to take action against the one who started it all, even if that is not the driver that hit you. Chain-reaction collisions, however, can be complex when more than one driver was negligent. For instance, if a driver was inattentive and speeding, they could crash into a wreck that just happened. Chain reactions and wrecks in which several drivers are involved require the help of a personal injury lawyer to help sort things out.

Taking Action Against a Third Party

When company vehicles are involved, your personal injury lawyer will probably advise taking action against the business. When a business hires employees to drive their vehicles, they are taking on liability. Even when the driver's actions caused the accident, the company should be the primary target of efforts to settle or sue. Large companies will often settle cases to avoid negative publicity. They are often better insured than individuals as well.

Talk to a personal injury lawyer and they will help you deal with a case regardless of who was responsible. Car accident lawyers can help answer any questions you may have.