Blunders To Avoid When Filing Your Personal Injury Case

Dealing with injuries caused by someone's negligence is never easy. You have to seek treatment, deal with the emotional trauma, and miss work or other personal activities. All this affects your quality of life. Luckily, a personal injury lawyer can help you file a lawsuit to compensate for the trauma and physical injuries.

It's also important to be cautious when taking certain actions after the injury because some things may reduce your chances of getting fair compensation. While your injury lawyer will guide you throughout, it's essential to know what you shouldn't do after filing the lawsuit. Here are blunders to avoid at all costs if you want your case to run smoothly.

Delaying or Failing to Seek Medical Help

One common blunder personal injury victims make is failing to seek medical treatment immediately after the accident. An injury can affect your life in many ways, so it should be treated promptly to recover fully as soon as possible. Just make sure you keep proof of the injuries and the doctor's report so you can seek compensation later on. 

This way, the insurance carrier will not challenge your claim even if you have recovered. You also need to follow the doctor's instructions, especially avoiding certain physical activities, attending check-up appointments, and taking medication.

Failing to Tell the Truth or Exaggerating Injuries

Lying or exaggerating your injuries can harm your case. Even if you have a seasoned personal injury lawyer and a doctor to testify on your behalf, you should refrain from exaggerating your injuries. 

Besides, you should never lie to your or the at-fault's insurance company as this may render the case null and void, or you may face serious charges for attempting insurance fraud. So, make sure you tell the truth because the evidence and the testimonies will support this.

Signing Legal Documents Without Legal Representation

It's advisable not to sign any agreements, release of liability, and other legal documents without consulting your personal injury lawyer. Remember, the insurance carriers' objective is to convince you to sign the settlement document they provide, but the settlement may not be enough.

If you hire a competent personal injury lawyer, they will ensure you don't sign any document before they read it, so you don't minimize your chances of getting adequate compensation. They will ensure that the offer you sign covers all your medical expenses, emotional trauma, repairs for any property damage, and other additional costs.

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