Getting The Benefits You Deserve As An Injured Worker

Workers compensation law protects workers in the event they get hurt at work and can't return to their job right away. You are supposed to be able to get medical care and receive compensation while you are out that replaces your paycheck. For some workers, the initial workers compensation claim gets denied. The insurance company might deny by stating the paperwork wasn't filled out correctly, there are things missing, or the injuries are suspect. Whatever the reason for an initial denial of workers compensation benefits, an attorney can help you get the benefits you deserve. When your bills are falling behind and you are too hurt to work, it's time to get the representation you need.

Denied for Incomplete Paperwork

If your workers compensation claim is denied because you were missing paperwork, get your paperwork completed as soon as possible. You may have missed a form, or your employer may not have reported your injury immediately to the insurance company. When you have filed everything you need to and the problem is with your employer, talk with your employer to fix the situation. A workers compensation lawyer may need to get involved to sort through the problem and help you get your benefits.

There Are No Witnesses to the Accident

Workers compensation can deny your claim if there are no witnesses to your accident and they don't believe it happened. It's important to stay consistent as you tell your story about the accident and your injuries. This is a stall tactic some insurance companies use in order to delay or deny paying you benefits.

Your Medical Treatment and Going Back to Work

You are supposed to receive all the medical care you need when you are injured at work and trying to heal from your injuries. If you go to a medical provider that insists you are not injured and tries to send you to work, you have the right to seek another opinion. If you are sent to a specific doctor by your workers compensation company, they may not have your best interests in mind. Get the care you need to recover from your injuries and return to work when you are ready.

As an injured worker, you may need to fight for your workers compensation benefits. By hiring a lawyer, you will have the representation you need to get the benefits you need to survive while you get better.