3 Ways People Get Criminal Charges In A Volatile Relationship

Falling in love is easy enough to do when you find someone who seems to be a good mate. But just as quickly as those heartfelt feelings showed up, so can feelings of mutual agitation. Unfortunately, some people are probably not best together, and volatile relationships often spring from these not-so-perfect match-ups. When love turns sour, it is not at all uncommon for crazy things to happen that can land one or another in the relationship with a need for a criminal law attorney

By destroying or vandalizing their partner's property. 

When Carrie Underwood belted out the lyrics to "Before He Cheats," in her country song, proclaiming her right to scrape a key down the side of her wayward man's vehicle, every woman scorned by a cheater probably cheered. While having a cheating partner may make you feel like vandalizing the very thing they hold the dearest, like their souped-up pick-up truck or their prized home, it is best to take your rage out on something legal instead. This kind of vandalism charge can actually land you with jail time in some states. 

By breaking and entering into a partner's home that is not actually theirs.

You and your significant other get into a heated dispute over the phone. Your partner threatens to burn all of your belongings in their house as soon as they get home. You don't have a key to their place, but you've stayed there plenty and know how to get in, so you decide to rescue your belongings before your partner does get off of work. Unfortunately, if you get caught breaking and entering into a property that is not your home, you could get locked up and face criminal charges, even if you were only trying to retrieve your things. 

By getting into physical altercations and causing bodily harm. 

When lovers quarrel, things can turn ugly really quick, especially in a volatile relationship in which both people have a horrible temper and a tendency to physically lash out. Causing bodily harm to someone is no joke. Even if harm occurs during a two-way physical fight, you could be the one who ends up in jail with domestic violence charges if the other party's injuries are severe enough. If the relationship is so bad that physical altercations have occurred, it is simply best for the two of you to cut your losses and move on.