A Guide To Exhibition Of Speed Criminal Charges

An exhibition of speed charge can come in many forms, with different implications for how a criminal defense attorney can help you. Here are some types of exhibition of speed charges that you may encounter. 

Exhibition of Speed Charges and Criminal Intent

There's one thing to note first of all about exhibition of speed charges: in order to get sentenced for exhibition of speed, you don't necessarily need to have broken the speed limit. The police officer must show that you exhibited some unsafe behaviors for a specific intention, such as to show off or to engage in a race. Some unsafe behaviors that can fall into an exhibition of speed charge include accelerating abnormally quickly, peeling out, or any other behavior that they can argue was dangerous to others' safety. 

If you weren't traveling over the speed limit in your charge, then it will be up to you and your lawyer to argue against the specified situations below that your police officer may try to argue.  

Charges for Showing Off

If you are suspected of driving well over the speed limit in order to impress someone else, this is a cause for a criminal penalty. The person you were trying to impress doesn't have to be anyone you know; the officer may argue that you were trying to impress a stranger just as well as a friend or acquaintance. However, this charge is not clear cut just because the police officer suspected you of showing off. Your lawyer can help you build a case that shows you weren't trying to impress anyone with your driving. 

Racing Charges

One area that is hard to contest is a charge for speed racing. Since speed racing is illegal in the United States, it won't matter whether you were putting other drivers in danger with your driving. So it doesn't matter if you and your racing competitor were the only people on the road at that time. The best thing that your criminal defense attorney can do in this case is to plead for a lower criminal penalty. 

A Note: Unintended Exhibitions

One thing to note is that you may engage in a dangerous behavior such as peeling out for unintended reasons. If you are driving a brand new car, for instance, you may not be used to the way the car handles and may have accelerated too fast. In this case, a lawyer can argue against a criminal charge. There are many ways to contest and exhibition of speed charge, so work with your criminal defense attorney to find any possible loopholes that exist. Contact a company like Davidson Law Center Inc to get started.