Vertigo: What To Expect In A Car Accident Lawsuit With A Lawyer's Help

Were you left with severe dizzy spells from vertigo after someone collided with your car? Vertigo can take a while to treat, so you may want to hire a lawyer to get the fees needed for your medical care from the other party. Find out in this article what to expect when a lawyer handles your car accident lawsuit, as well as what you might be charged.

What Is Expected After a Car Accident Victim Hires a Lawyer?

During your first consultation with a car accident lawyer, you must explain in detail how the incident changed your life. For instance, make sure that you let the lawyer know all of the symptoms of vertigo that you are experiencing so he or she will know how severe it is. Symptoms associated with vertigo such as the prolonged sensation of spinning, migraines and jerking eyes can make it hard to work. You want to make sure that you sue the other party for as much money as you deserve to avoid getting into a financial bind later on.

Before the lawyer can get help you get paid, he or she will determine if you were at fault in the car accident. You shouldn't assume that you have a strong cased based on the accident report being in your favor, as it can be contested by the other party. Your lawyer will get a copy of the accident report and visit the scene where the collision took place to gather more evidence. Video surveillance and possible witnesses may be found near the accident scene.

If the lawsuit turns out to be a success, your lawyer will help you get paid for things that include:

  • Lost wages
  • Mental anguish
  • Pain & suffering
  • Handicap accessible house products
  • Physical & psychological medical expenses

What Is a Car Accident Lawyer Estimated to Charge?

The amount charged for handling your car accident lawsuit will depend on how much money the lawyer is able to help you receive. You should expect the lawyer to get a minimum of at least 20% of what you win in the lawsuit. However, the fee can be as much as 40% on the highest end of the scale. The lawyer will get paid via a contingency basis, so don't worry about paying anything upfront. Don't delay hiring a car accident lawyer to start on your lawsuit so you can get paid as soon as possible! For more information, contact a firm like Littman & Babiarz Law Office.